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About the House of Gillani

​ The house was founded on the idea of providing socially responsible luxury. Our values reflect the luxury of Western Sartorial services with Eastern sensibilities. We are committed to providing the most luxurious thobes and contributing up to 10% of our annual profits to charitable causes.
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Our History


The House of Gillani was founded having taken inspiration from the classic suiting traditions of Savile Row.

Our founder Mr Gillani was inspired to create a house for traditional eastern wear, that was also rooted in classic British suiting traditions. Whilst working in the space of luxury design, he  noted the void of bespoke tailoring for traditional Eastern clothing. Having been trained in the art of sutorial tailoring by one of the oldest suiting houses in the world, Mr Gillani wanted to apply the principles of British tailoring in creating bespoke luxury thobes, thus founding the House of Gillani.

Our Expertise

The art of fine tailoring is a tradition born out of dedication to craft and beauty, passed down through generations. At House of Gillani our passion for this artisanal expertise is at the heart of who we are.

Our tailors are masterful artists originating in cities through the Middle East and South Asia, providing authentic expertise. From the initial measurements to the cutting of fabric and final steaming of a finished thobe, our talented artisans dedicate their passion, expertise and skill into every moment. Each of our expert tailors  possess 10+ years of tailoring experience.

Our Commitment


We are committed to providing a luxury experience for our clients. Our combination of Eastern expertise and traditional Western tailoring is the first of its kind.

At House of Gillani, we are focussed on providing the best tailoring to our clients and take pride in sourcing some of the finest natural cloths available. We believe that the cloths used in our thobes are just as important as the tailoring expertise required to make the thobes. Thus we at the House of Gillani only use cloths that originate in the mountain steppes of Central and South Asia.

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