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Made to Measure

The House of Gillani made to measure service allows clients to customise thobes according to personal styling preferences. A range of luxury cloths and styling options such as buttons, collars, as well as sleeves; allow clients to create a thobe that is persoanal to them. The thobes are also constructed according to the body measurements provided by the client. This means that the thobes provide a better fitting.

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The Made-to-Measure Processs

Once  a Made-to-Measure appointment is requested, one of our consultants will get in touch to arrange a virtual appointment at a time of convenience for the client.

The made to measure process will then begin with the client selecting a cloth from our specialist collection.  Once the cloth choice is confirmed the client can then select their preferred collar, sleeve, button and stitching designs.

The client will then provide their body measurements to our consultant who will take note of all the styling options and measurements.

The order will then be processed and within 4-6 weeks the thobe will be delivered to the clients provided delivery address.

Garment Shop
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The Cloths

We have a selection of luxury cloths available that range from virgin wools to the finest cottons available on  the market. We can also arrange for special cloths depending on the timeframe and requirements.

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