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Bespoke Policy

Terms of Service for our Bespoke Process

This is an addendum to our standard terms and conditions (available for viewing on our website). Any sale of bespoke clothing is subject to these terms and conditions solely unless otherwise explicitly stated by House of Gillani Limited.  Our bespoke service is created individually for each of our customers and is uniquely aligned to the values of House of Gillani Limited.


For an order to be placed successfully, House of Gillani Limited requires your acceptance of these terms. As part of our bespoke  process we will conduct an in-person consultation. All relevant details collected from our customers are subject to our privacy policy. Upon the booking of a consultation for our bespoke process, we may ask for a specified fee to confirm this booking. Please note, this is not a contractual offer or acceptance on behalf of House of Gillani to complete your bespoke order, but a booking fee for the relevant appointment.

In busy periods House of Gillani reserves the right to charge more for expedited or ‘urgent’ appointments made upon the request of the customer. An estimate provided by a House of Gillani representative/tailor should be considered as an invitation to treat and is not a formal offer, it is therefore subject to change prior to acceptance. No formal legal relation has been made at this stage. Any change in the estimated price  will be communicated to you directly (via email or SMS). If you communicate to us that you agree to the estimate that we have provided we will send you a formal invoice. This constitutes a formal offer made on behalf of House of Gillani limited. Acceptance can be made through writing or the successful making of the payment ( in full or of the relevant deposit).  House of Gillani reserves the right to refuse an order at any point prior to formal acceptance of our offer. The quote provided considers the fabric, measurements, style, quantity and manufacturing time required for your order. Our quote will be based upon the preferences declared by you. House of Gillani refuses responsibility for delays to manufacturing and delivery outside of our reasonable control. For our bespoke service a discretionary deposit may be needed for your order to be placed. Any deposit amount will be communicated to you (via email or invoice) following the preliminary appointment. In the event that the House of Gillani is unable to fulfil an order after it has been placed, we will notify you as soon as possible. In this event, House of Gillani may offer alternatives, replacements or a refund of the product. For more information please get in contact with


Cancellation of an order

House of Gillani will accept amendments or cancellation within twenty four (24) hours of an order being successfully placed. However, once this 24 hour grace period has ended House of Gillani retains the right to keep any deposit paid.


Manufacture (Finish)

Our bespoke products  are manufactured to the stated preferences that you provide and upon in-person consultation appointment. This includes but is not limited to fabric, colour and style. Your measurements will be taken by an authorised representative of House of Gillani limited. In order to place an order we may require a deposit. We aim to be as efficient as possible in the fitting process for our customers, however, we may require our customers to attend follow-up appointments to ensure that the product fits and is made to the correct specifications. House of Gillani may invoice you for extra costs if changes are requested to be made from the initial specification or measurements.


Delivery and Returns

For our bespoke products House of Gillani refuses to accept returns, replacements or exchanges unless in the instance of clear and obvious manufacturing defects. Clear and obvious manufacturing defects include but are not limited to the item being clearly the wrong colour or finish from those indicated at the consultation appointment. However, cases of refund or exchange will still be judged upon a case-by-case basis, which may require photographic evidence of any mistake. House of Gillani requires an in-person appraisal of the product in order to approve a refund or exchange for our bespoke products. House of Gillani will provide you an estimated timeline for delivery within seven (7) days of your payment being received successfully. House of Gillani refuses to accept any liability for delays in delivery. We are not liable when our products are in the possession of our relevant shipping company. This includes but is not limited to lost items or any damage caused in the transportation of our products. House of Gillani will only complete deliveries to addresses which are registered to the cardholder. Deliveries to outside of the United Kingdom will only be accepted on a discretionary basis, and any surplus charges are the responsibility of our customers.


Force Majeure

House of Gillani Limited refuses any and all responsibility in the event of contractual breach, if the event causing such a breach is out of our reasonable control. House of Gillani will take the necessary steps to minimise instances of delay and non-performance. Instances outside of our control and are included in this force majeure clause include, but is not limited to:

  • In the event of natural disaster or ‘’acts of God’’

  • In the event of national lockdown or restrictions on business or travel -Industrial disputes or strike action


Quality Control and Aftercare

House of Gillani does not currently offer a dedicated aftercare programme. Any questions on how to best keep care of your product should be directed to House of Gillani refuses to offer refunds or exchanges due to damage arising from wear and tear.

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