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Introducing the House of Gillani's House Style Thobe.  Inspired by the suiting traditions of Savile Row, the thobe is available in 4 different colours.  The collar of the thobe is inspired by British sartorial tailoring and is constructed to allow the thobe to sit elegantly around the neck. Made from 25% cotton sourced from the foothills of the himalayas, 25% Rayon and 50% Polyester;  the thobe is soft yet durable. Swen by hand, it utilizes the hidden stitching  style to ensure a clean and long lasting finish. The thobe also had 2 pockets. The placket has 6 Mother of Pearl styled buttons to maintain the smart contour created by the collar.

House of Gillani House Style Thobe

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  • Machine wash only at 30º C max and iron at low heat. Do no tumble dry or expose the cloth to high temperatures. Avoid excessive washing as it deduces the durability and wear of the cloth.

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